SERVICE in Japan

We will protect you from anxiety and financial loss,
and we will fully support you to ensure your peace of mind!

While I was traveling in Japan, I lost my luggage. I’m at a loss about what to do and feeling troubled.

We can help you if,

  • You know where you left the item (e.g. shops or hotels),but you can’t contact them.
  • You made inquiries at shops or hotels, but they refused to ship overseas.
  • When you have no idea where your lost item might be
  • You filed a lost property report at a police station in Japan, and you would like to check if it has been found.

Leave it to us!

Three Features

Experienced staff on hand.

Lost something during your trip to Japan?Don’t worry!
Our team consists of experienced staff who not only provide meticulous service but also tackle challenging issues to help retrieve your lost items, even after you’ve returned to your home country.

A service highly rated by many.

Not only have we tackled many challenging issues, but numerous satisfied customers have also entrusted us to retrieve their lost items, even after returning home.

We resolve it quickly and at an affordable price.

Experience our swift response, affordable rates, and the care of our experienced and meticulous staff to help retrieve your items. We provide estimates for peace of mind.

The cost

You can decide whether to use our service after considering our quote!

Basic fee

The shipping cost (both domestic and international) + a handling fee of 1980yen~.

Additional costs

※Additional costs will be incurred if we have to personally travel to the location (such as police station) to pick up the item.
※ If you do not know where you left the item and request us to contact multiple locations, there will be an additional charge.

Customs duty

Customs duty is not included. The customer is responsible for any necessary arrangement to receive the item in your country, including payment of charges imposed by tax authorities.



Our service is here to help you find your cherished belongings. When making an inquiry, please let us know what you’ve forgotten and, if possible, provide details about where you left it. Even if you’re not sure about the specifics, rest assured. We’ll do our utmost to assist you.

As a first step, please fill out the information required in the contact form below. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.

We will search for the lost items.

Our team is highly experienced and always commits to doing our utmost to help you find your precious lost items. Drawing from a wealth of experience and handling numerous cases, we utilize our expertise to ensure your trust and peace of mind, conducting our search quickly and meticulously.

Payment and shipment

Payments are accepted exclusively through credit cards or PayPal, chosen for their simplicity and security. Once your payment is confirmed, we’ll begin processing items related to lost properties. Each item is carefully packaged to ensure it reaches you in pristine condition. Typically, after confirming your payment, please allow a processing time of 1-3 business days before your order is dispatched. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


“The other day, I accidentally left my digital camera in a taxi and had no idea which company it belonged to. I was truly distressed. However, thanks to the swift response, my camera was found. I’m deeply grateful for the assistance.”

“Recently, I left my smartphone at a hot spring inn, but thanks to the swift and meticulous service, it was promptly returned to me. I truly appreciate the assistance.”

“I lost my smartphone in Japan and filed a report at the police station, but I had to return to my country and couldn’t follow up on it, which was very worrying. Fortunately, this service made inquiries on my behalf, and thankfully, it was found. It was very helpful to have it retrieved from the police station and sent to me.”


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